How Dial-A-Ride Works

How Dial-A-Ride Works

Persons wanting to use Dial-A-Ride will need to complete a Passenger Information Form (PDF). You can either click on the link on this website or you can obtain a passenger information form when you board the bus for the first time and fill it out after your first ride. If you have multiple family members who will be using our service, each individual must fill out and return a form.

Any person who is eligible for the reduced fare ($.75 or pink tickets) under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will need to verify their eligibility. There are two ways to verify your eligibility under ADA:

  1. Present your Medicare card one time at the Dial-A-Ride office (Municipal Services Center, 4811 N. Saginaw Rd., Midland MI 48640) OR
  2. Have a medical doctor or mental health professional complete the ADA verification section of the Passenger Information Form.

New riders have 30 days to provide Dial-A-Ride with their ADA verification. If the verification is not received within 30 days, the passenger will be required to pay the full fare ($2 or yellow tickets) until ADA verification has been submitted.

Senior citizens (60 years or older) automatically qualify for the reduced fare and do not need to complete the ADA verification section on the Passenger Information Form.

When booking a ride, it is important to note that there is a 20-minute scheduled pickup window. Passengers should write down the times of their 20-minute pickup window. The bus can arrive anytime inside this 20-minute period. The bus will wait two minutes inside this window before continuing on to the next stop. A no-show fee will be charged to passengers that are not available for scheduled pickups, and the fee must be paid before service can resume. Please email Amy Bidwell at 989-837-6918 with any questions you may have.