Goals & Objectives

To handle legal matters concerning the City of Midland in accordance with legislative and administrative directives and local, state and federal laws in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. General counsel - To provide day-to-day legal advice and counseling to the City Council, the City Manager, administrative staff, boards, commissions and committees and the various departments, divisions and staff of the City of Midland. To attend meetings, conferences and work sessions as needed or directed.
  2. Litigation - To represent the City of Midland in civil cases in which the City is a party. To supervise contracted legal counsel obtained by the City for specialized legal needs.
  3. Prosecution - To represent the City of Midland in municipal ordinance and traffic violations.
  4. Legal opinions - To research and draft opinions on legal matters in response to requests of the City Council and other City staff.
    1. Conflicts of Interest (PDF)
  5. Ordinances and resolutions - To research relevant law and prepare information necessary for City Council review. To develop administrative material necessary to implement policy decisions of the City Council.
  6. Contracts and other legal documents - To prepare and review all legal documents and contracts related to the City of Midland.
  7. Collections - To provide full legal support to City departments having responsibility for collection of debts owed to the City, such as taxes, parking tickets, library fines, rent for City-owned property, etc.
  8. Real estate matters - To prepare purchase offers, agreements, leases, contracts, deeds, easements and other documents relevant to real property matters in which the City is a party to.

To promptly and efficiently handle all inquiries and complaints from the general public either by phone, email, letter or in person in regards to the City of Midland's ordinances, policies and procedures.