Prepare Leaves for Fall Leaf Collection:

How to Prepare Leaves for Collection

  • Rake leaves into the street (except on the major streets listed below)
  • Leave at least one foot of gutter space between the leaf pile and the curb-this allows water to drain to catch basins and allows a more thorough collection, as leaves will not spill back onto your property.
  • Keep brush, corn stalks, pumpkins, sticks, and refuse out of leaf piles.
  • Do not park in the street when leaf collection is in your area.
  • Leaves set out for the Fall Leaf Collection program must be placed adjacent to your property.
  • Leaves can also be placed in yard waste bins or compost bags - no stickers are required.
Leaves in street

Major Streets in Midland

Residents living on major streets in Midland (see below) should rake leaves into the outlawn (between the sidewalk and the street).

  • Ashman Street (Circle to Main St.)
  • Bay City Road
  • Buttles Street
  • Eastman Avenue
  • George & Cronkright Streets (between Indian & Ellsworth)
  • Indian Street
  • Isabella Road
  • Lyon Road
  • Main Street
  • Patrick Road (Indian to west of Waldo)
  • Rodd Street
  • Saginaw Road

Street Sweeping

Following completion of the final round of fall leaf collection, a street sweeper thoroughly cleans each area, weather permitting. The streets are not swept until the fall leaf collection program has been completed. Any leaves that have not been collected after the final round of street collection must be bagged or placed in a yard waste bins for weekly collection PRIOR to the end of yard waste collection season.