Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment

Let's 'Reimagine the Riverfront'!

An aerial view of the Tridge and Farmers Market circle along the river

What is it?

The Downtown Midland Riverfront Redevelopment project is led by the Downtown Development Authority of the City of Midland. The goal of this project is to enhance the Tittabawessee River as a natural resource in Downtown Midland to create a public space that promotes leisure, recreational, and tourism opportunities for residents and visitors from all walks of life. This could mean development of new amenities, programming, architecture and art, and more.

Why are we doing this?

Downtowns and their successes as a business and recreation district are critical to the economic and cultural success of their entire communities - and this is no different in Midland! Couple that with the potential of a well-loved natural resource - the river - and we have a unique opportunity to create a special public space that promotes community connections, increases wellbeing, and drives additional economic investment in the downtown area. The Downtown Development Authority Board identified riverfront redevelopment as the top priority in its 2022 Plan of Work

What role will the community play?

In short: A HUGE role! Throughout the initial planning and design concept phases, residents will be given in-person and digital opportunities to share what they want the future riverfront area to look like.

Community Input Survey - July/August 2022

From July 22-August 5, the City of Midland conducted an online public survey to collect additional community input about amenities, activities, and uses for the future of the Downtown Midland riverfront. The topic received 356 responses, which totals over 17.8 hours of public comment if taken during a public meeting.

Click here to view the survey and final results.

Public Input Session - June 23, 2022

On June 23, 2022, a public input session was held at City Hall Council Chambers to provide an overview of the initiative and discuss attendees' ideas for future land uses along the river. A total of 34 in-person and online attendees participated in the session. A similar session was held earlier in the day with Downtown stakeholders (property owners, funding organizations, businesses, etc.) to share information and colleciton feedback. View the public input session via the video above. 

A digital survey will be sent in July 2022 to collect input from residents and visitors who couldn't attend in person. Stay tuned to this page for more information or sign up here for the City's E-CityHall platform to be notified when the survey is posted.

What's next?

The design process is anticipated to take 10 months to complete before development on any planned concepts could begin. Steps in the design process will include:  

  • Community and stakeholder input
  • Draft development concept of defined riverfront area
  • Community input on conceptual designs
  • Downtown Development Authority, Parks and Recreation Commission reviews and recommendations
  • City Council consideration and adoption of riverfront redevelopment plan
  • Planning, funding, and execution of adopted concepts

But what about...? (FAQs)

Will this project do anything with the south side of the riverfront?
This particular project focuses only on the north (Downtown side) riverfront are between M-20 and Poseyville Bridges. However, we'd love to hear any ideas you have for the other side of the river, too! If you have ideas on other aspects of the riverfront area beyond what's being studied for this project, please email them to

Is this the same project as the South Rivefront Park development project on the 4D site?
No. While that project is also a City of Midland initiative, it is being coordinated by Parks and Recreation and will be developed separately from this project. For more information on that project, which includes a potential pedestrian walkway, natural park land areas, and accessible trails, go here

What does this mean for the future of the Farmer's Market circle?
Great question - and that's all a part of this plan! We'll explore all current amenities along the riverfront and take them into account as we imagine what this area could look like in the future. If you have ideas, please participate in the community input process!