Installation Program

In order to develop and balance the work necessary for a 5 year LED installation plan, City staff considered:

  • Funding
  • Signalized intersection locations
  • The amount of time required for each signalized intersection installation
  • Time of day, month and year for performing the work
  • Type of LED traffic light installation needed

In Midland, there are various types of LED traffic light installations to consider when scheduling the work:

Type I, LED Inserts

LED inserts, or fixtures, can be placed in newer existing incandescent signal heads at the intersection location. However, only newer signal heads that can convert from incandescent to LED lights will be changed. Completing the work on site saves time by avoiding assembly in the shop using new signal head components.

Type II, Shop Assembly for Mast Arm Install

Work involves building and installing new signal heads with LED inserts and mast arm components. Mast arms are rigid horizontal posts to which signal heads are attached. This type of work requires assembly in the City's Signal Shop.

Public worker installs LED's into a traffic signal from a cherry picker.
Public worker places LED's into a traffic signal set on a table.

Type III, Shop Assembly for Span Wire Install

Related work involves building and installing 2 way, 3 way or 4 way signal heads with wiring for span wire connections. This type of work requires assembly in the City's Signal Shop.

Type IV, Pedestrian LED Install

Pedestrian LEDs are assembled at the Signal Shop. Installation is time-consuming since LED pedestrian signals are unlike pre-existing incandescent lights. Field modification of the bracket assembly is required.

Public worker places LED's into a pedestrian signal at a cross walk.