Toboggan Runs

The gem of City Forest in the winter are the beloved toboggan runs. Our toboggan runs are the one of the last remaining toboggan runs in the state. The toboggan runs will easily be your favorite winter pastime.

How They Work

Each of the two .11 long towers features two snow-packed, iced and elevated toboggan runs that allow users to enter quickly into one tower once they have exited the opposite ramps.


Toboggans can be rented for $8 per hour, two hour maximum, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Toboggan Run Notes

Some things you should know...
  • Approximately 3 individuals fit on a toboggan.
  • Personal toboggans are not allowed on the runs - only rented toboggans.
  • Please visit to confirm they are operational.
  • Reservations are not taken for tobogganing.
  • Toboggan runs can cause damage to clothing and other items during use. Please try to wear durable clothing when using the toboggan runs.
  • Toboggans are hand packed and unrefridgerated so they rely solely on weather conditions. 

Know Before You Go!

At City Forest we are always working to make sure our attractions are up and running but weather isn't always cooperative. Please visit Rainout Line at 989-399-0506 or online to check the conditions of your favorite attractions.

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