Residential Drop-Off Site

Drop - Off Your Waste

The City of Midland Landfill accepts refuse from over 30,000 vehicles each year. The majority of visitors are commercial haulers and contractors, but a significant number are citizens in their personal vehicles. The City has accommodated small vehicle traffic alongside commercial trucks for years. Residents have always had two options:

  • Some have driven their vehicle into the Landfill to unload their refuse onto the ground.
  • Others have preferred to stay out of the Landfill and lift their refuse into a 5 - 6 foot high dumpster.

Whether competing with heavy truck and Landfill equipment traffic and walking on last week’s refuse, or lifting bulky objects into tall dumpsters, residents have needed to exercise caution when using the Landfill.

Elevated Asphalt Pad

In late 2005, the Landfill built a much more convenient residential waste disposal area, which could greatly reduce potential hazards for residents visiting the site. The new area is an elevated asphalt pad where residents can drive their personal vehicle near a dumpster and dispose of their refuse easily, without having to lift their items up five to six feet over their heads.

Each month, Midland County residents can dispose of up to 3 cubic yards of general household or yard waste during one visit to the Landfill at no cost. After that, fees will be applied depending on what is being dumped.

The residential drop-off area is only a few yards away from the gatehouse, so residents have easy access and do not have to compete with landfill equipment or heavy trucks dumping nearby. And they can skip going into the Landfill cell to dispose of their refuse.

ID Required to Dispose of Approved Wastes

When disposing of approved wastes at the Landfill, Midland County residents must bring a current driver's license, Michigan ID, or current property tax assessment to verify county residency.

The Landfill gatehouse attendant will assess a fee for any excess yardage based on the type of material and the number of cubic yards being disposed. The Landfill attendant estimates the size of each load and determines the cost based on volume.

Residential and non-hazardous industrial waste from Midland County will be accepted at the Landfill. No waste from other counties within Michigan, other states in the U.S or Canada will be accepted.